Inoru, Tanushimaru.Inoru, Tanushimaru.

Inoru, Tanushimaru.Inoru, Tanushimaru.

The Chikugo River Heritage: A New Chapter in Heritage Preservation

Introduction to the Chikugo River Heritage

Established in 2021 by the city of Kurume in Fukuoka Prefecture, the "Chikugo River Heritage" system recognizes the rich historical and cultural stories embedded within the region. This innovative system allows for the collective registration of interconnected historical assets based on their shared narrative. The initiative is founded on the "Kurume City Regional Plan for the Protection and Utilization of Cultural Properties" certified by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


Tanushimaru's Festivals and Traditions: A Celebration of Local SDGs

In March 2023, Tanushimaru's festivals and traditions were proudly registered as the second entry in the Chikugo River Heritage. (※The application was submitted by the Tanushimaru Mirai Sōzō Kaigi (Tanushimaru Future Creation Council), which received support from the Ministry of the Environment's Regional CES (Circular and Ecological Sphere) Creation Project.)


Entitled "Tanushimaru: A Town of Flourishing Festivals - Connecting the Community through SDGs," the registration highlights the unique relationship between these vibrant practices and the achievement of local SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). This harmonious integration of natural resources, traditional industries, and community engagement forms the bedrock of Tanushimaru's cultural identity.  For a deeper understanding of this remarkable story, we invite you to explore the dedicated section on our website, "Tanushimaru: Its Charm."



Sharing the Legacy: Beyond the Exhibition

The exhibition "Chikugo River Heritage - Jojima Sake Breweries and Tanushimaru Festivals," held in Kurume City from September to December 2023, offered a glimpse into this fascinating world. Through the lens of six festivals, the exhibition explored their connection to SDGs. Along with the website below, "Movies” section on our website provides a comprehensive overview of the exhibition, including its content, photographs, and videos. 

Introducing the "Chikugo River Heritage" registered for the first time.


Continuing the Journey:

Our commitment to sharing the wonders of Tanushimaru's festivals and traditions goes beyond the exhibition. We are dedicated to promoting this precious heritage in various ways, ensuring its preservation and utilization for future generations.


Explore Further:

For those captivated by the rich tapestry of Tanushimaru's festivals and traditions, we encourage you to delve deeper into this captivating world through the following resources shared by Toshimitsu Kuroda, a former Kurume City Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps member (April 2019 - March 2022):