Inoru, Tanushimaru.Inoru, Tanushimaru.

Inoru, Tanushimaru.Inoru, Tanushimaru.

Unveiling the Heart of Tanushimaru:
A Journey Through Festivals and Traditions

Tanushimaru: A Haven of Soulful Ceremonies and Timeless Traditions

Nestled within Kurume City, Tanushimaru stands as a sanctuary of enduring rituals and vibrant festivals. Each month, a captivating array of events unfolds, meticulously orchestrated by the passionate hands of the local community. From the meticulous preparations to the final communal feast, these time-honored traditions embody the essence of authentic rural warmth.

Despite its compact size, spanning just 9 kilometers east to west and 6 kilometers north to south, Tanushimaru boasts a remarkably diverse landscape. Encircled by the graceful Minoh mountain range and the majestic Chikugo River, the town's cultural stage encompasses mountains, plains, and rivers, each offering a unique backdrop for its celebrations.

Tanushimaru, a veritable treasury of prayers and festivities, invites you to unlock the doors of its cultural repository. Discover the timeless traditions that have been passed down through generations, each one a testament to the enduring spirit of the community.

Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of Tanushimaru's heritage.

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